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fun on our farm

Bringing your family to the farm is fun for everyone! Children love to pick the strawberries in our You-Pick Patch and then cool off with a cup of our homemade strawberry or peach ice cream.  When you visit, you will feel like you are taking a step back in a simpler way of life. The porch at The Shed has always reminded me of summer evenings at my Granny's, sitting around breaking beans, shucking corn or shelling peas. You won't have to do any work on our porch...just rock your worries away as you overlook the beautiful peach and pecan orchards.

We'll be waiting on ya!

fresh, farm grown produce

We love to offer you the bounty of Mr. Chad's hard work in our garden. He starts in the winter planting seeds in our greenhouse, and begins planting them in the garden around Good Friday each year. We grow multiple varieties of tomatoes, okra, squash, peppers, onions, potatoes, zucchini, peas, beans, corn and more. His practices in the garden are much like what was done when we were kids. We pick from the garden each day to ensure we have the freshest produce to offer you in our market.  


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