The Peach Peddler

HOW TO PURCHASE A BOX - Click on a school near you or a school that you wish to support.  One box of fresh Georgia Peaches for $25.  Purchase as many boxes as you wish. Each box contains 8-9 pounds of Georgia Peaches straight from our farms to a town in Tennessee.  We are adding schools, and if you wish for your school to be added, please call or email the contact listed below.

PURCHASE VERIFICATION - Please bring the email you receive verifying your purchase and an identification such as a driver's license when picking up your order.

DELIVERYWe deliver to schools for you to pick up during a three (3) hour window.  You must pick up your box during this time.  Purchase your box in advance from  the school you wish to support or one that is closest to you.

WILL PEACHES BE AVAILABLE ON-SITE?A limited number of boxes will be available during The Peach Peddler's visit, but to guarantee that you have a box of peaches, please purchase them online through this site now.

PEACHES - Multiple varieties of Free-Stone peaches are included in the boxes.  We take great care of these peaches during the growing season.  Although they are not organic, they are non-GMO, and as few plant protective products are used in the hot and humid Georgia climate as possible to ensure superior quality peaches.

PEACH BOX CONTENTBoxes with 8-9 pounds of hand-picked peaches are delivered straight from our farm to the schools.  Peaches are hand-picked 24-48 hours before delivery, and the peaches vary in size from year-to-year.  Our peaches are very well protected in each box with an eggshell crate type of packaging.  

SHIPPING - Unfortunately we are not able to ship peaches to other destinations.  We deliver directly to schools for pickup during a three-hour window.  Shipping directly to a residence or business is cost-prohibitive for us at this time.

CARING FOR YOUR PEACHES - Leave the box, with the lid open, at room temperature until the peaches reach the desired softness. When they are ready, you will notice the amazing fragrance. If you like them firm, refrigerate within a day, but if you like them soft and juicy, they will be ready in 2-3 days. Once they reach the softness you like, place them in a grocery-type sack and tie the top to hold the moisture in. Then place them in the refrigerator. Always wash any produce in cool water before just eating. This information will be provided with your peach box for your reference.

RECIPES & FREEZING - Please share your recipes and images with us at so that we can share with other customers.  One recipe will be selected and featured on our website in JULY, and we will send a FREE peach gift box to the submitter. The submission must include a recipe and image to be considered.

CDC & LOCAL PUBLIC HEALTH GUIDELINES - We will be following the CDC and local public health departments' guidelines for COVID-19 protection during The Peach Peddler's visits.  We encourage everyone to wear masks and practice social distancing.

GIVING BACK - We wish to give back to schools without having students and parents asking for donations.  Therefore, $5 from each peach box purchased will be donated to a school The Peach Peddler visits. 

CONTACTIf you have further questions, please contact Brad Durham at (615) 838-4426 or email